Matthew 5:16

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

At St George’s our mission is to ‘Let our LIGHT Shine’

Love of learning

We believe that our pupils should be given learning opportunities through an exciting, engaging and inclusive curriculum, which meets their individual needs in a caring and supportive environment. Developing a love of learning from an early age creates a life long pattern to maintain a thirst for learning into adulthood.


Right from the start of our pupils journey at St George’s we foster independence through learning opportunities, problem solving and developing resilience in building friendships and engaging in learning. We want our pupils to be resilient learners who keep trying their best even when things are challenging.

God in our hearts

Our ethos is built on strong Christian values which underpin everything we do, encouraging children to develop positive attitudes to learning and develop inquisitiveness about the world around them, helping them to flourish as model citizens within our community both within school and the wider community we live.

High achieving

Our aim is for all pupils to achieve their full potential academically and socially, as individuals and as a school community. We support pupils in succeeding through a nurturing school environment where we recognise all children are individuals. Whilst we want all of our pupil’s to achieve academic success, high achieving is more than this. High achieving is about being the best version of ‘you’ that you can be academically, socially, in your mental health and ability to become a well rounded adult.

Together as one family

East Crompton St. George’s is a place where pupils, parents, staff and governors work together as one family to become the best we can be.

East Crompton St George’s CE Primary School is proud to be part of the Cranmer Education Trust

Cranmer Education Trust is a company limited by guarantee and an exempt charity registered in England. Company registration number: 07687709. Registered Office: Cranmer Education Trust, c/o The Blue Coat School, Egerton Street, Oldham OL1 3SQ. The website address is and the phone number 0161 785 5082.