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Welcome to Reception!

Hello there and a warm welcome to the Reception Class page! I am so excited to start our new learning journey with my new September cohort. I hope you have had a lovely summer break and ready to get stuck in this Autumn Term. We cannot wait for all the learning and adventures to come, as your little ones make new friends and settle in to their new routines.

This page will be regularly updated to share key information with you and to keep you updated on our learning journey. Please check this page regularly for these updates, especially at the start of each half term.

If you need to contact me, please click the ‘contact me’ button and start your message ‘FAO Mrs Patidar’. Alternatively, contact the school office and leave a message and I will get back to you ASAP.

What are we learning?

Understanding the World:

During Autumn 1 we will:

The Natural World

  • Start to describe what we can see, hear and feel whilst outside. Describing leaf shapes, sizes and colours e.g. long, orange, spiky.
  • Understand the effect of changing seasons on the world as we move from Autumn to Winter.
  • Observing and talking about change.
  • Explore the natural world around us and begin identify some local tree species.

Past and Present

  • Begin to make sense of our own life-story and family’s history life.
  • Start to comment on images of familiar situations in the past.

People, Culture and Communities

  • Talk about members of their immediate family and community. Describing people in the community that help us locally e.g. site manager, firefighters, shop keeper.
  • Understand that there are many different families e.g. parent, step-sister, brother.
  • Begin to understand that some places are special to members of their community and talk about places they visit.
  • Develop knowledge and awareness of other festivals e.g. Harvest, Diwali, Christmas.

Expressive Arts and Design

During Autumn we will:

Creating with Materials

  • Draw with increasing complexity and detail, such as representing a face with a circle and including details.
  • Safely explore the use of new materials and tools.
  • Begin to talk about our creations.

Being Imaginative and Expressive

  • Take part in simple pretend play, linked to family and play date.
  • Begin to develop storylines in the pretend play using familiar characters and plots.
  • Begin to watch and talk about music and dance, whilst taking part in group work.
  • Sing in a group and on their own.
  • Explore listening, expressing feelings and discussing other performances.


During Autumn 1, we will be exploring the quality texts of ‘Hello Friend‘ and ‘Pete the Cat‘.


  • Begin to retell stories using own words and recently introduced vocabulary whilst recalling events.
  • Begin to re-read books to build up confidence in fluency and enjoyment.

Word Reading

  • Begin to develop phonological awareness alongside rhythm and rhyme.
  • Read individual letters by saying the sounds for them, whilst starting to blend sounds in to words.
  • Begin to read a few common exception words in line with the phonics programme.


  • Writing names correctly using the correct letter formation.
  • Begin to spell words by identifying the sounds.
  • Orally rehearse vocabulary and begin to reread what has been written.

Communication and Language

During Autumn we will:

Listening, Attention and Understanding

  • Understand a question / instruction that has 2 parts linked to daily routines and challenges.
  • Understand how important listening is, linked to topics: families, celebrations, Autumn.
  • Learn songs, rhymes and stories with built familiarity and understanding.
  • Engage with story time.


  • Use new vocabulary throughout the day, begin to ask questions.
  • Begin to articulate ideas and thoughts encouraging questions.
  • Develop social phrases at different routines of the day.
  • Begin to retell simple stories once they have built familiarity.
  • Express ideas to peers and connect with others.


In Reception we follow the ‘Maths No Problem‘ scheme which is delivered across the whole school. Following this scheme will provide the children with a firm foundation for developing maths mastery.

During Autumn 1 we will focus on developing:

  • Reciting number to 10, counting forwards backwards and breaking the chain (not always starting on 1)
  • Counting objects, actions and sounds, as well as objects in an irregular arrangement.
  • Seek patterns within number, simple matching, sorting and ordering numbers and shapes.
  • Start to develop a deep understanding of numbers up to 10.
  • Understanding composition of numbers to to 5.
  • Select, rotate and manipulate shapes in order to develop special and reasoning skills.

Physical Development

During Autumn we will:

Gross Motor Skills

  • Revise and refine fundamental movement skills such as: – rolling, crawling, walking, jumping, running, skipping and hopping.
  • Building skills of balance, co-ordination and overall body strength.
  • Begin to confidently use a range of apparatus indoors and outdoor safely.
  • Change movements and directions quickly.
  • Further develop ball skills, and throwing / catching / kicking of different sizes.

Fine Motor Skills

  • Consolidate the tripod grip.
  • Continue to develop small motor skills so they can use a range of tools competently and safely, confidently,
  • Develop effective pencil grip and correct letter formation.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

During Autumn we will:


Talk with others to solve conflicts, helping to find solutions to conflict. Using strategies, sharing, turn taking, working together.

Begin to express feelings and emotions, prompted by puppets, book talk and real life experiences.

Identify and name emotions linking to own experiences and book characters: sad/happy, excited, lonely, nervous, frightened, confident.

Focus on keeping calm and being patient, waiting for a turn, sharing and tidying up together.

Managing Self

Manage self care needs such as: independent use of zips, buttons, coats and shoes. Access all types of indoor and outdoor enhancements.

Know and begin to talk about different factors that support overall health and wellbeing.

Building Relationships

Describe themselves positively.

Begin to build constructive and respectful relationships, supported by social language.

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