Mrs Robinson

Welcome to Reception!

Welcome back after half term. The children have settled back into school life and are eager to learn.

This is an exciting half term where the children will be demonstrating what they have been learning. We will focus on reading and writing sentences. The children have already impressed me by remembering to leave spaces between words and sounding out when writing. We will also be looking at numbers to 20.

Each week I will send a reading book from the phonics session and another ‘real’ reading book. Please return these each Friday so they can be changed.

Please continue to write on any occasion that interests the child such as a shopping list, writing about a picture or writing a message to a family member.

What are we learning?

Understanding the World

This half term we are learning about the changing seasons and the past. We will look at how life has changed and how we can recognise something is from the past.

Expressive Arts and Design

The children are going to be focussing on colour mixing. We will see what colours we can make and make pictures with the new colours. We will also be using recycled materials to create pictures.

Communication and Language

The children will be looking at the key parts of the book such as, the front cover, spine and the blurb. We will start to make simple predictions about the book, talk about what is happening and sequence the events in the story. We will also focus on characters feelings.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This term we are going to continue to think about our own feelings and the feelings of others. We will look at how to moderate our feelings and how to manage conflict.

Physical Development

We are going to be making full use of our outdoor area to develop gross motor skills. We will think about how we can move like sea creatures and concentrate on improving our balance.


The children will continue with their daily phonics lessons. We will spend time saying the sounds and blending these sounds to say words. We will also be trying to write CVC words and write as closely as possible to the lines on the page. We will be reading ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley.’ We will focus on writing sentences with capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.


The children will work on numbers to fifteen this half term. We will look at counting, writing the number and adding two numbers to make the total. We will also be spending time looking at naming and sorting shapes as well as comparing length and height.

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