Year 4 Home Learning

If your child has to isolate, Mr Spencer will let you know which week/day of home learning to start on. Tasks will be set on Purple Mash to complete and feedback will be given on the platform.

Week 1

Day 1
EnglishTo learn about Maori culture
MathsRecognising Decimal Tenths (Part 1) 
TopicHow did the Roman Empire become so powerful?
Day 2
EnglishTo investigate suffixes -ify -ise
MathsRecognising Decimal Tenths (Part 2)
TopicWho was Julius Caesar?
Day 3
EnglishTo revise, simple, compound and complex sentences
MathsComparing Decimals
TopicWhat was Britain like before the Romans?
Day 4
EnglishTo develop an understanding of the main characters in a film
MathsRounding Decimals (Part 1)
TopicHow did the Romans conquer Britain?
Day 5
EnglishTo develop a rich understanding of words associated with eyes
MathsRounding Decimals (Part 2)
TopicHow did Boudicca lead a revolt against the Romans?

Week 2

Day 1
EnglishTo plan a narrative build-up
MathsDecimal Number Bonds
TopicHow did the Romans change Britain?
Day 2
EnglishTo practise and apply knowledge of suffixes -ify -ise
MathsMental Addition and Subtraction
TopicWhat did the Romans believe?
Day 3
EnglishTo practise punctuating speech
MathsRecognising Decimal Hundredths (Part 1)
TopicHow were Roman beliefs similar to those of the Ancient Greeks?
Day 4
EnglishTo write a narrative build up
MathsRecognising Decimal Hundredths (Part 2)
TopicWhy did the Romans leave Britain?
Day 5
EnglishTo analyse a visual film clip
MathsRecognising Common Decimal Equivalents
TopicIn what ways did life in Britain remain the same after the Roman invasion?

Week 3

Day 1
EnglishTo plan a narrative climax
MathsOrdering Decimals
TopicWhat is sound?
Day 2
EnglishTo write a narrative climax
MathsMultiplying and Dividing by 10 (Part 1)
TopicHow are different sounds produced?
Day 3
EnglishTo plan a narrative resolution
MathsMultiplying and Dividing by 10 (Part 2)
TopicWhat are pitch and frequency?
Day 4
EnglishTo write a narrative resolution
MathsMultiplying and Dividing by 100 (Part 1)
TopicWhat do we mean by amplitude of sound?
Day 5
EnglishTo develop reading for pleasure through book recommendations
MathsMultiplying and Dividing by 100 (Part 2)
TopicWhat is acoustics?

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