Year 3 Home Learning

If your child has to isolate, Miss Wadsworth will let you know which week/day of home learning to start on. Tasks will be set on Purple Mash to complete and feedback will be given on the platform.

Week 1

Day 1
EnglishTo explore a theme
MathsAdding and subtracting 1 digit numbers
TopicCommunity care
Day 2
EnglishTo engage with a text
MathsAdding multiples of 10
TopicI roll with my roll
Day 3
EnglishTo analyse a character
MathsSubtracting multiples of 10
TopicWe are a jigsaw
Day 4
EnglishTo explore figurative language
MathsAdding and subtracting multiples of 100
TopicHelp is on hand
Day 5
EnglishTo generate and explore themes
MathsAdding two three digit numbers
TopicThe mayor making ceremony

Week 2

Day 1
EnglishTo identify the features of instructions
MathsSubtracting 3 digit numbers
TopicWho ruled Ancient Egypt?
EnglishTo investigate suffixes
MathsApplying rounding for estimating
TopicWhat was Egypt’s society like?
Day 3
EnglishTo explore verbs
MathsApplying rounding for estimating (part 2)
TopicWhy was the river Nile so important?
Day 4
EnglishTo devise ingredients 
MathsAdding two 3 digit numbers
TopicHow did the Ancient Egyptians travel?
Day 5
EnglishTo develop an understanding of words associated with food
MathsAdding two 3 digit numbers (part 2)
TopicWhy did the Egyptian’s build the pyramids?

Week 3

Day 1
EnglishTo generate vocabulary to use in our instructions
MathsSubtracting 3 digit numbers
TopicWho were the pyramid builders?
Day 2
EnglishTo practise suffixes
MathsSubtracting 3 digit numbers (part 2)
TopicWhat did the Egyptian’s believe in?
Day 3
EnglishTo orally rehearse our instructions
MathsSubtracting 3 digit numbers (part 3)
TopicWhere did the Egyptians believe they would go after death?
Day 4
EnglishTo write the instructions
MathsSolving addition and subtraction word problems
TopicWhy was Tutankhamun an important discovery? 
Day 5
EnglishTo write an invitation
MathsSolving word problems (part 2)
TopicHow are we still learning from the Ancient Egyptian’s today?

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