Year 3 Home Learning

Week 1

Day 1  
English To develop initial responses
Maths Measuring lengths to the nearest cm or mm
Topic Why do geographers do fieldwork?
Day 2  
English To investigate suffixes: -y suffix
Maths Measuring length and drawing lines of a given length in mixed units
Topic What enquiries are geographers currently doing?
Day 3  
English To explore complex sentences
Maths Making Appropriate Estimates of Length by Comparing
Topic Tools of fieldwork: maps
Day 4  
English To describe two contrasting settings and characters
Maths Length and Measurement Application
Topic Fieldwork: can I create a sketch map of roads in my community?
Day 5  
English To develop a rich understanding of words associated with sadness
Maths To calculate perimeters of 2D shapes in cm and mm
Topic Tools of fieldwork: surveys and questionnaires

Week 2

Day 1
MathsTo Calculate Perimeters of 2D Shapes in Mixed Units
TopicFieldwork: can I create a field sketch of my community?
MathsMeasuring and comparing length in mixed units (cm and mm)
TopicHow do geographers develop an enquiry question?
Day 3
MathsCalculating the perimeters of shapes in m and cm
TopicFieldwork: Can I collect data about road use in my community?
Day 4
MathsApplying problem solving strategies to length
TopicHow do geographers present their data?
Day 5
MathsLength and perimeter application lesson
TopicWhat do geographers do with their data?

Week 3

Day 1  
English To write the second part of the build-up of a narrative
Maths Volume: To read scales when measuring volume
Topic Which countries are in South America? What physical features can we find in South America?
Day 2  
English To plan the climax of a narrative
Maths To investigate and explain cubed numbers
Topic What are some of South America’s most important human features?
Day 3  
English To write the climax of a narrative
Maths To estimate the volume of objects
Topic What is the geography of Chile?
Day 4  
English To edit the climax of a narrative
Maths To describe volume in cubic units
Topic How are Chile and the UK similar and different?
Day 5  
English To develop reading for pleasure through personal reflection
Maths To convert units of volume

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